Esprit de Corps

A Common Spirit of comradeship, enthusiasm and devotion to a cause among members of a group.
The spirit that makes the members want to succeed.

Metropolitan Ballet of Tacoma was established in 1986.  This private school offers professional training in ballet with an emphasis on individual strengths and the joy of movement and performance.  The school has grown from a few small classes at a local recreations center to a ballet company with tow functioning studios, classes at every level and a performing company that is well respected throughout the Puget Sound area.

New for MBT will be Community Dance – a dance program for those in our community that would not have the resources to find dance, to come to the studio and experience dance.  Our staff will be alternating and giving their time to teach these students.

Metropolitan Ballet of Tacoma is striving to be servants to the community and performs at least once a year for free. MBT looks forward to Summer Dance in the Park where dancers collaborate and put on a great and fun filled show for the city.  This is always free and builds Esprit de Corps among the school and within our community.

Metropolitan Ballet of Tacoma also has an active scholarship fund which is contributed to in various ways.  When the company has fundraisers a percentage is donated to this cause.  Parents feel moved to share financially.  If you know of someone who may be worthy of or is need of financial aid, please let us know.  It is our desire to help.



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