Recital Information

Recital Dates: June 7,8,9 2018
PLU Theatre

This page will be updated as more information becomes available!

Metropolitan Ballet of Tacoma School and Company  Division will perform an original story this year. “The Moon Tiger of India” written and staged by Damaris Caughlan-Artistic Director, MBT.

Costume information and registration information will be available by the middle of January.  Please be planning on the usual costs associated with costumes.
Creative Movement, Level 1,2,3,3ext, Boys  will have one costume (approx $60-75.00)
Levels 4,5,6 will have two costumes each (approx $150.00 for both)
Company Dancers will have no more than 3 costumes (approx $75.00 each)
An additional $25.00 fee will apply for production costs.