Dress Code

Dancers are required to wear pink full footed tights and pink leather ballet shoes with correct color of leotard for class.  Dancers are also required to wear hair up in bun or clipped up.  No pony tails for any level. Skirts are allowed for Creative Movement Level onlyMale dancers are required to wear black tights and solid white or black top.  Shoes may be black or white.

Creative Movement:        Black leotard

Level I/II:        Black leotard

Level III:       Black leotard

Level III ext:       Black leotard

Level IV:       Black leotard

Level V/VI:       Black Leotard

Company:       Any color leotard

Boys/Men: Black Footed Transition Tights with White Fitted T Shirt- Blk or Flesh Colored Shoes

Our dress code is set in place as a means to help with teaching and learning.  Dancers can be seen and corrected with greater ease when everyone is uniform.  Staff need to see a dancer’s body line and also need to see the neck line and shoulders.  Baggy clothing does not work for ballet class.  It is also a discipline that helps maintain focus.  Thank you for supporting the school dress code.


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